Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Color comp for gouache montage

It's twice as big as everyone else's... oops. However, I don't know if the detail would have been as nice on the goldfish if it were smaller. For this one, I tried to incorporate the same turquoise accents in each of the figures, the same color in the fish's background. I thought this would help tie everything together. I'm still liking how the fish interacts with the branches, and I'm glad I decided not to fade the guy's arm out. It parallels the smaller tree well. I'm questioning the orientation of the picture a little bit, because during the walk-around, people would turn it upside down and leave it that way... I guess people assume that if a person is in a composition, he should be upright. But that would make the fish dead. So I think I'll keep it the way it is.

I just made an interesting connection... here's a collage I did for VisCom probably a couple of years ago. I hadn't even though about it until just now. Hm.

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