Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Portfolio website sketches

Alright, here are some sketches for the portfolio website. I want it to have a very hand-crafted feel. The line twisting through the page will hopefully look as if it has been (or ideally is being drawn) and as it moves, the images will pop up. Each image will be an example of the different areas of my design, and they will function as buttons to get to the sub pages for each area. My challenge will be not to make this look hokey. The idea is that my hands go into my work, and I try not to depend on software, but on concept. So the website shows the beginning of the process, sketching and brain storming. When you hover over an image, notes will pop up to the side. 

I am also now considering making this an interactive DVD, using AfterEffects.

Home page sketch #1

Home page sketch #2

Home page sketch #3

Sub page sketch #1

Sub page sketch #2

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