Tuesday, December 15, 2009

book cover llustration

This is the final illustration for my Scarlet Letter book cover. I used gouache over a gesso/matte medium layer and practiced freeing up my hand, which I had forgotten to do as of late. Most of the figure is a mixture of pick-out technique and loose, watery brush strokes. I also tried to incorporate non-local color without making her look like a zombie. I added more pink to avoid that. The background was a lot of letting the medium do its own thing, which I enjoyed. Thought I originally wanted the "A" to be a bit tighter, I think the loose, slightly inconsistent texture of it fits in with the rest of the piece. Next: the cover design.

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  1. Hi Andrea,

    I'm an editor at a feminist blog called Gender Across Borders, and I'd love to use this illustration for a series I'm running on stigma and women's sexuality. Wanted to get your permission to do so. It would only be used once or twice online, and would credit you. Here's our site: www.genderacrossborders.com and you can e-mail me at jessica@genderacrossborders.com.

    Jessica Mack
    Senior Editor
    Gender Across Borders