Monday, March 16, 2009

Flash intro proposals

1) The introduction will only be reaching an audience of those who choose a banner link on another site. Therefore, the target audience will most likely be people who are interested in the general cause of IJM and would like to know more. The intro would be an educational tool and would prep the viewer for the rest of the website. The intro will be text based, and I would like to include some photos of people whose lives have been touched by IJM. It will emphasize the injustice going on in the world today, keeping the viewer’s attention and empathy with surprising statistics and photos of the victims of injustice. Altogether, the mood of the clip will move from a sad reality check to hope for a promising future. Around the end of the intro there will be a quick, loose run-through of what the sight will have to offer, including news updates, special events, and career opportunities.


2) The introduction will be the first page of the IJM website. It will be reaching the general audience of IJM, which consists of a wide range of those interested in victims of injustice and action taken to protect them and punish those responsible. This includes people looking for answers or news updates, people interested in helping, and people searching for careers with IJM. Many of those searching for careers will be educated in law and law enforcement. Assuming that most people who visit the site already know the basic premise of the organization, the intro will be more of an update and a call to action than an educational tool. I would like to make the faces of people IJM has helped to be a big part of the intro, and a summarized walk through a recent success story would also be a way of drawing empathy and updating viewers. The last part of the clip will be a call to be involved with practical suggestions for what different individuals and groups might be able to offer.


3) The introduction will be seen on a promotional DVD that will direct the audience to the IJM site after playing. Assuming that the viewer obtained the DVD from either an information table or as a handout at a conference, they will already know the basic premise of IJM. The introduction will prep the viewer to gain a deeper knowledge of what the organization is about and how they can get involved. I would like to include a summary of a success story to encourage the viewer to consider getting involved and helping an effective organization. It might also include examples of what individuals and groups are doing to help.

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