Friday, September 11, 2009

Ink on Wash vs. Wash on Ink

I didn't expect this, but I think I preferred ink on wash, the reason being that I felt less like I had to outline everything and get really detailed, and more like I could just be selective with my marks.

This piece was ink on wash. I did get a little too outline happy on this one still, but I liked the way the textures and colors turned out. I also got to employ just a touch of pointillism.

Hm.. this is one of only 2 vertical images on my blog so far. I should work on that. Anyway, this was also ink on wash. I was much more selective here, and much looser with the wash. I really like the loose combination.

Oh... this is the 3rd ink on wash. Oops. Well, that proves that I preferred that method. I think the texture on the left side turned out really well. The rhythm of color and value really worked for me, too. I tried to be less of a realist with this one and stylize it a bit. I think I'm getting there.

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