Friday, September 11, 2009

Line vs. Wash

I was already pretty sure I preferred line drawings to water color, and I was right. More control. However, it is much more difficult to have good value scale everywhere. There are some extreme darks, but only in very tiny areas, and extreme lights are everywhere. It's just a little too tedious to make nice medium values with good line work, I think.

This is my old cat Harry, who is blind in his left eye, so that's where the pupil went. I was happy with how I was able to imply form with loose marks for hair. The edges are defined without being tight. I did not do a great job making the chair believable, though, I got in a hurry.

This was a fun painting, because I got to address an old torn up wall with fun colors on a bigger brush. I think this loosened me up enough to be riskier with my strokes on the figure. I also like the implied lines on the camera (by way of spacing the black shapes out) I think all of the different subject matter has been addressed in a pretty consistent style, which I sometimes have trouble with.

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