Friday, September 11, 2009

Landscape w/ architecture

This was a challenge, because I am just not a fan of depicting geometric forms with lots of orderly detail... however, it was watercolor, so I loosened up a bit about detail and tried to focus on light and shadow, non-linear painting and the like, just like Terry would do.

Fun fact: this outhouse is located in Millard, behind a bit abandoned house. Anyway, I'm not a big fan of how loose the vegetation is in the forefront of the picture, but I am pretty happy with how the shadows worked on the outhouse. I also think the tree in the top left turned out well, along with the background foliage. I think this is the first piece of "architecture" I tried with the Terry Madden non-linear method... except for the outline-looking thing on the right.. oops.

I was a little more linear with this one, but I also tried to make shadows and highlights the main difference between planes on the barn. I am most pleased with how the lighting turned out in the trees, but I think I should have been a little more consistent with my vegetation; it gets too blurry in a few places. I think I need to be more patient, wait for things to dry and come back in later.

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