Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3 image gouache montage final

Here it is, the final. Finally. Except now we have to do another final... But anyhow, with this painting I finally used my feather brush for the first time, on the tree. I think it turned out well. I also enjoyed making water drop marks in the sky/water areas. I thought the goldfish turned out pretty well, but I suppose he could be significantly better, maybe more detail, his eye isn't the greatest. He should also have a few turquoise accents. I am happy with the majority of the screaming person, but the arms should have more detail and darker tones, and the neck is so dark that there is hardly any information in the shadows. I also want more turquoise in the arms. The painting is actually very close to the marker comp. In printing the final, I learned more about how printers don't like to print what you have on the screen. I had Photoshopped the scan to where it looked almost identical on screen (this particular image does), but the print was too dark, contrasty and magenta. I guess it'll be better next time, but overall, I'm happy with the illustration itself.

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