Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Guinness Poster

Here are some developments for the "smallest waist" poster. Different ways to incorporate the mayo. I liked the hand position on the third one, because you can see both sides of the may jar, where the waist shrinks behind. I liked the overall composition of the first one, because I like the mystery of not seeing the face (also, I feel less like I am bound to drawing the actual keeper of the title, who is a little frightening to look at. I aim to make the subject more pleasing to the eye, but with one very disturbing trait. The hybrid of the two is below.

This is the tight pencil comp. I was going for a good way to combine the mayo image with the figure, without making things complicated or unclear, and with enough space for a headline and a short paragraph for informational/promotional purposes. The tag line is: Hold the Mayo, I'm watching my figure. I think I'll keep that. However, I might stack "Hold the Mayo" to fill up space, but I like how it fills the space where a normal waist would be. I'll try it both ways.

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