Monday, October 26, 2009

World Record sketches

I couldn't decide on one record, so I sketched for 4: stretchiest skin, loudest burp, oldest married couple, and smallest waist. Personally, I prefer the flying squirrel guy for stretchiest skin out of everything. I also liked the cane/heart idea. But... I made the mistake of drawing everything on the same page and showing the client everything, and the client chose smallest waist. I also mentioned that her waist was said to be about the size of a jar of mayonnaise... which leads me to my next set of drawings. I will be using a jar of mayonnaise with the image of the small-waisted woman together. This might not make complete sense to the viewers at first, because they won't know the story behind it, but I will address it in the poster. If anything, any initial confusion would draw someone closer to the poster to find an explanation.

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