Monday, October 12, 2009

yay research!

So I've decided to go with a cartoon style for my conversation illustration. I'm doing some research on facial expressions, because I want this one to be more stylized and expressive than my last cartoon.

I love the Ren & Stimpy sketches, because Ren is so expressive, his face just twists all over the place, and Stimpy can say several different things with just slight adjustments. Also, this joyful/sad pairing is kind of what I'm going for in my cartoon.

Very confident drawings, I think I will refer to the "shocked" and gleeful expressions for my drawing.

Good line work and fun exaggerated features.

I like the last face on this one for my horrified character, it's a pretty cool study I think.

This guy has the general look I want to go for in drawing my college age guy characters. I like the big nose.

Another good study of how you can say different things with slight variations. I like "Twitterpated" personally.

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